Project Description

“Support for the control/eradication of animal diseases in Western Balkans” –  EuropeAid/129988/C/SER/MULTI

The contract was aimed to cover the regional component of assistance to eradicate, monitor and control animal diseases in the western Balkans, in particular those diseases covered by national IPA projects that continue to be a threat to EU Member States such as classical swine fever (CSF) and rabies. The overall objective is to improve regional and cross-border cooperation in the western Balkans and thereby ensure that the eradication and control of CSF and rabies is harmonised and coordinated at a regional level with Commission support in particular to:

Ensure a regionally harmonised implementation of animal disease control strategies.

Improve regional and cross-border cooperation among the beneficiaries in the Western Balkans, neighbouring EU Member States and the Commission by sharing best practices and lessons learned in the control of animal diseases.

Support operational cooperation, and the intensification of communication and information exchange between the authorities in the Western Balkans.

Control and eradicate important animal diseases-rabies and classical swine fever in the Western Balkans, to decrease the risk to EU Member States posed by these diseases and to facilitate the ability of the Beneficiaries to export live animals and animal products without disruption of regional trade.