Project Description

“Strengthening of Israeli Veterinary Inspection Authorities for Animal Health and Livestock Production”

Project purpose was the general improvement of veterinary supervision and strengthening of the livestock sector in the following sectors:

  • production, distribution and use of animal feed;

The project drafted and adopted a national multiannual control plan coupled with guidelines for sampling of animal feed and training of field staff and decision makers

  • animal disease and husbandry;

The project has produced manuals for farmers and veterinarians, on animal husbandry and good farm management procedures, specifically for several livestock animal species: 1) milking cows, 2) poultry and 3) pigs. The farmers have been made available a simplified and easy-to-use hand book. Those manuals have also a part dedicated to the respect of animal welfare measures. The distribution of the manual has been anticipated by a specific training activity. The training sessions and the manual production have opened the possibility to develop the twinning project visibility to many livestock operators and stakeholders.

  • animal welfare

Assessment of Israeli AW legislation and mapping of critical areas at field level, drafting manual on animal welfare procedures prepared, training on animal welfare to inspectors.

Information campaign focusing on farm animals only and ensuring that all operators of the livestock chain are sufficiently informed on all provisions in force relating to animal welfare. Information materials, such as short hand-outs and posters have been prepared, printed and distributed as above described