Project Description

“ET-Addis Ababa: EDF — technical assistance to improve and integrate animal health services in the livestock value chain through public and private dialogue in Ethiopia (LVC-PPD)”- EuropeAid/130753/D/SER/ET

Several projects have been conceived and implemented in Ethiopia to accompany the current reform in the livestock sector with the aim of enhancing its competitiveness and consequently improve the living conditions of the livestock rearing communities. The LVC-PPD project has been launched within the same strategic framework and its success has pave the way to a further development of the Ethiopian livestock sector by providing specific support and guidance on animal health related issues to the sector stakeholders.

The specific objectives of the LVC-PPD project focused its activities on the upstream component of the LVC (covering the livestock rearing activity up to the marketing of live animal and animal products) whose sustainability and efficiency can be guaranteed only if a sound and efficient management of the animal health is in place.

In accordance with the project specific objectives, the Technical assistance team endeavoured to prompt an active dialogue and collaboration between the private and public stakeholders. With the support of the TAT, the private and public stakeholders enhanced their role in the planning and strengthening of the animal health, advisory and regulatory services thus creating the conditions for increasing the added value of the LVC.