Project Description

IPA – Capacity building of the veterinary service for implementation of the EU ‘acquis’ EuropeAid/128546/C/SER/MK

The aim of the project was to provide technical and material assistance to the Veterinary Directorate of North Macedonia to improve its overall ability and capacity for implementation of the EU Acquis and Accession Partnership commitments, with specific reference to its capability to transpose and implement EU acquis into national law, appropriately implement its inspection services, control animal disease, organize animal waste disposal and expand the Animal Identification and Registration system to include pigs.

Key results:

  • EU Acquis are further transposed in the national legislation;
  • The inspection services are strengthened;
  • Animal disease control for rabies and CSF is improved;
  • A system for animal waste disposal is established;

Animal identification and registration system is extended to porcine animals and an implementation plan for electronic identification of pets is developed.