Our Legacy

Core business of OPERA pivots around strengthening of food safety, animal health and welfare and plant health in all countries. The focus is on EU and Sanitary and Phytosanitary standards (SPS) ensuring that these standards are enforced along all phases of the livestock, plant and food chain and traceability ensured. These are the main elements around which the competencies and activities of OPERA are developed.

Projects are equally distributed between technical assistance projects and training programs and are implemented in different countries based in continents all over the world.

The Team

OPERA deploys a permanent team based at company headquarters and a group of over 30 different regular external collaborators, all high level experts in different areas of corporate activity. In addition, it counts on a list of over 200 experts that have worked in the past with the company with proven and tested experience.

Claudio Bompard
Claudio BompardChief Executive Officer and Project Director
Alberto Mancuso
Alberto MancusoTechnical Director
Orietta Ricci
Orietta RicciHuman resources and quality assurance
Luigi Pisanello
Luigi PisanelloProject Manager
Ana Vukotic
Ana VukoticProject Manager
Maurizia Ginebri
Maurizia GinebriEvent manager and back office
Martina Rienzi
Martina RienziEvent manager and back office
Livia di Bernardini
Livia di BernardiniEvent manager and back office
Guendalina Mamma
Guendalina MammaAssistant Event manager and back office
Marija Marinkovic
Marija MarinkovicProject Manager
Carlla Motoi
Carlla MotoiAssistant Event manager and back office
Silvia Sacerdoti
Silvia SacerdotiAssistant Event manager and back office