Opera Srl started its activity in 2002 with the business goal of entering the food safety sector, by taking action in support of investment programmes in the field of large-scale food production and in support of research projects in complementary sectors.

 It has been always committed, in the development of its activities, to maintaining quality, performance and liability appropriate levels requested by the Client.

The maturation of the service sector did grow simultaneously the attention and sensibility towards service quality issues. This maturation process has been immediately seized by the company and inspired us to identify, in the certification of its own company management system according to UNI EN ISO 9001, the opportunity to better answer to the needs of strengthening and extension of its own services and to the awareness that the improvement process of its offers and realization methodologies needs to persistent.

In this regard, the Direction took over also the role of Quality Management Representative in order to substantiate the valorisation and distinction of company know how; in this role the Representative supports the creation, maintenance and sharing processes of a Company Quality System even more effective and in line with company goals and with the legislative and regulatory framework of reference.

The Company Quality System is more and more the reference point and the basis for achieving the objective of Client/Customer and of involved interested parties satisfaction in the both business and company management relationships. The activity needed to achieve this objective involves every functions and staff that needs to be sensitised and trained, in order to obtain the recognition and validation of Customer/Client at all stages of the life cycle of a consulting project.

In particular, the following Macro Objectives have been identified:

  • Relationship with Customer/Client Management

– provide evidence and visibility of the standards applied in the realization of the provision

  • Project Managament

– obtain a high performance of conformity to project specifications

  • Skills Management

– empowerment of professional skills of Technical Staff in compliance with the business framework of reference.

The monitoring of Customer/Client satisfaction, related to service provided, carried out with the use of statistical survey and reporting methods, allows the analysis of findings and constitutes the suitability and effectiveness measures of implemented Operative Standards, with reference to improvement objectives and business risk management methodologies.

Opera Srl considers quality objectives reachable only with the active participation of the entire operative staff through the application of implemented Operative Standards, together with the collaboration in the adjustments processes to the company organisational and technical dynamic, with the witness of spreading and comprehension of culture and quality.