Project Description

“Technical Assistance to support the preparation and implementation of an Animal Diseases Eradication Programme” – EuropeAid/134591/C/SERJCY

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen safeguarding measures of animal health from introduction of so-called exotic diseases and reinforce the capacity to implement control and eradication plans for diseases present in the country.

Main purpose of this project is to ensure a high level of public health and food safety by minimising the incidence of biological and chemical risks to humans, promote animal health by preventing/reducing the incidence of animal diseases, and in this way to support farming and the rural economy, to improve economic growth/cohesion/competitiveness assuring free circulation of goods and proportionate animal movements and to promote farming practices and animal welfare which prevent animal health related threats and minimise environmental impacts in support of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy.

Technical assistance and training activities were provided on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot community.

Duration: 05/2015 – 11/2017