Project Description

Organisation and implementation of training activities on food safety crisis preparedness (non-EU) under the “Better Training for Safer Food” initiative – Chafea/2020/BTSF/09

Better Training for Safer Food” (BTSF) is an initiative of the European Commission’s Health and Food Safety Directorate-General (DG SANTE) aimed at organising a European Union (EU) training strategy in the areas of food law, feed law, animal health and animal welfare rules, as well as plant health rules.

The objectives of the training activities are:

  • to further improve EU and non-EU officials’ collaboration through INFOSAN
  • To reinforce networking between EU and non-EU countries’ food safety crisis managers and, by bringing together participants from different Member States and non-EU countries,
  • to allow the exchange of experience and disseminate best practices for control activities and procedures on food safety crisis management taking into account the experience and achievements on food safety crisis preparedeness and management in the EU and non-EU countries’ institutions.

The workshop is intended for staff in charge of food safety controls and crisis management in both EU and non-EU countries:

a) staff of the competent authority/ies involved in contingency planning and operation of contingency plans relating to food crisis incidents and their management;

b) staff of the competent authority/ies designated as contact points within the INFOSAN network for the exchange of information on food safety crisis incidents and management.  (Link to BTSF Food safety crisis preparedness)

Training workshops will be held in the following countries:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • Costa Rica
  • Georgia
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco
  • Philippines
  • Serbia
  • South Africa
  • Thailand

Duration: 15/12/2021 – 15/12/2025