Project Description

“Provision of e-Learning Modules and other Services – LOT 3 ”


The World Organisation of Animal Health (WOAH) has reformed its training system and has created for this purpose its Global Platform for the Training of Veterinary Services. This Platform, including the Training Portal, has been implemented to manage WOAH training activities from learning needs’ assessment to evaluation, whether they are face-to-face or at a distance. Indeed, a crucial point of the reform is to significantly increase the distance learning offer at WOAH.
Thanks to this initiative, WOAH is committed to provide its Members with diversified and ‘à la carte’ training to improve the implementation of WOAH standards and thereby contribute to the sustainable improvement of global veterinary governance.

Activities to be provided:

  • African swine fever: one eLearning module on African swine fever in wild boar – biosecurity management and practice, and other services.

Duration: 06/2023 – 02/2024