Project Description

“Consulting Services for the establishment of a sustainable system for the Animal By-Products (ABPs) Management in North Macedonia”


The objective of this assignment is to support the relevant authority in the establishment of an official, comprehensive system for the safe disposal and/or processing of ABPs in accordance with EU, national legislation and Strategy on ABPs.

The Scope of Work for this Assignment is divided in three phases:

Phase I: Site selection, Development of Feasibility Study and Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)[1] and Urban Planning;

Phase II: Detailed Design Development and Finalization of Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) together with Environmental and Social Management Plan and Feasibility Study for ABPs facility.

Phase III – Technical Assistance during bidding documents preparation and Civil Works Contract Management for ABPs Facility.

[1] Although the Feasibility Study and ESIA are envisaged during the same phase, please note for the ESIA to start the FS should be at an advanced stage, so that ESIA can assess the site, the construction impacts, the proposed processing methodology, etc.

Project is funded by the World Bank.

Duration: 07/2023 – 04/2025